July 2011.
I attended a very good course in Boston labelled : Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO).Very interesting sessions BTW.

Scrum But
During this course, Ken Schwaber, one of the founder behind Scrum, talked about the Scrum But concept: the way some teams partially adhere to the Scrum organization principles. “We use Scrum but…”.

Scrum And?
While discussing this concept with the participants (and Scrum.org folks), I asked Ken why the term ‘Scrumbut’ has been coined, discussed and propagated in the community while the opposite has never been much discussed.

Since Scrum is a ‘framework’, a set of tools to build with and over, then why not propose some ‘Scrum And’ examples to the community?

Ken honestly replied that he liked the idea and he would probably think more about it.

Time went by, and I almost forgot about this exchange with Ken, until recently, while preparing a blog post about ‘Scrumbuts’ , I found this page on Ken’s blog: Scrum But Replaced by Scrum And.

Surprise! It seems that my humble proposal/idea wasn’t that bad!
Aside from  Scrum coaching and my Scrum Master help, I might have participated a little bit to the evolution of Scrum. Glee and joy (and a little bit of pride!).
I can’t say for sure that I was the first to propose the term and concept, but Ken’s post date along with his reaction when I raised the topic seem to confirm my interpretation of the situation.

Anyway , whoever coined the term, there isn’t yet much hype or talks  ‘Scrum And’ examples, but I am pretty sure this topic can only gain momentum in a near future.

If you have any experiences to share about ‘Scrum And’ (We use Scrum And we…), please feel free to share it here.

Stay tuned for a ‘Scrum But/Scrum And’ blog post on this site. I have witnessed and participated in several ‘build up’ around Scrum and will share soon a few of them with you.