In every software events or conferences I attend, I am always surprised to meet so many bright, brilliant, innovative and fun people who works in the software industry in Quebec.

Every week, I learn about a new person who is either an expert, an influencer or a future star in a specific field.

I have to admit I am a big fan of ‘Top X’ charts, like the Top Social Media influencers or the 20 Most Influential People in Agile. This is a great way to discover new talents, new thoughts (and new people to follow on Twitter!).

I take the initiative to start an online , non-scientific survey, about the most influential people in software industry in Quebec province (Canada).

Let’s do it the it the simplest way:

  • I suggest a few categories (see below)
  • I provide an email address
  • You send me an email with a maximum of 3 names per categories
  • I aggregate all the results for a full month (mid April 2013 – mid May 2013)
  • I contact the top contenders for each categories to know them a little bit more, and gather some information and background about them
  • I publish the results on this blog
  • And every week, I publish some quick facts and fun information about our top 2013 influencers

Fair and simple enough?

OK, here are the proposed categories.
Most influential people in.

  • Software Architecture
    Who is a reference in software architecture, whatever the technology or the business domain?
    Results: See who were voted Top Qc influencers in Software architecture 
  • Backend/Server programming
    Who is known for its unbelievable talent and skills at programming complex backend solutions?
  • Web/Frontend programming
    Who has incredible talent at web programming, who is a wiz with Javascript, JQuery, HTML5 and the latest front end technology?
  • Mobile development
    Who do you know has an edge for anything related to mobile development (IOS, Android, Windows phone) ? Who would you contact if you would start a mobile app project and needed a sure win?
    Results: See who were voted Top Qc influencers in Mobile development 
  • Software UX/UI Design
    Who do you know have a sure influence and a great talent for anything related to User Experience and UI design for sofware?
  • Agile and Scrum methodology
    Who are the top Agile/Scrum evangelists that help shift the way software teams deliver software in the province?
  • Social Media
    Who are the those social junkies that have for sure a word to say about all the web social trends?
  • IT infrastructure
    Who are the reference about heavy IT infrastructure? Who are known as top ressources to setup and maintain large and complex IT environment?
  • Conference/Show speakers
    Some people have tremendous skills at speaking in front of audience and being interesting from the first word to the last. Who are the top speakers (about software!) of the province?
  • Product management
    Who are the influencers about product ideas, product features, product innovations in Quebec? Who would you hire for sure to ensure you have an innovative product to build?

You can see I didn’t include anything about the gaming industry. Why? Because, you could build such an exhaustive list only for all the gaming specialties (programmers, artists, producers, animators, sound people, level designers, etc…).
If this survey has any success, I promise to start one in the next months!

So, send me the names of the top influencers you know that could fit in these above categories. Send the names at : .
Simply mention the categories along with 3 names max per category. If you know only a single or two top people in a category, don’t be shy to mention them.
Send me as much categories and people as you can.

Agile/Scrum Methodology
- Ken Schwaber
- Jeff Sutherland
- Mike Cohn
(Except, they have to work in Quebec !)

Please take one minute to participate in this survey.
Please share this blog post to all social networks possible (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yammer).
Fee free to promote yourself to your colleagues and friends! I will contact you at mid may if you are in the top 3 of a category!

The survey start now and ends May 15th 2013.

I am sure you are as much curious as I am to see the results!