Have you ever thought about the current job posting/recruiting process? Let’s dissect it.

Company side

  • A company detect  a recruiting need (either new position or a replacement)
  • This company will prepare a job posting, with this common format:
    • Brief company description
    • Detailed job description (role and responsibilities)
    • Detailed list of basic requirements
    • List of key competencies required
    • Optional list of assets
    • Idea  about the salary (usually a vague statement about ‘competitive salary based on experience + full benefits’)
    • Contact info if interested
  • The company will post this job posting on its usual networks(own website, jobs websites, Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • Optionally, the company will also use a specialized recruiting company to help them find related candidates)

Job seeker side

  • Job seeker detects that he/she wants to change (or start) his current job
  • He prepares a resume, with this common format:
    • Contact info
    • Brief description of his situation
    • Exhaustive list of past job experiences,  responsibilities and achievements
    • Detailed list of education, certification and training
    • Aptitudes, skills and personalities traits list
    • Optional hobbies and personal activities list
  • Job seeker post and send his resumes to several websites and HR people
  • Optionally, the job seeker will reach out for specialized recruiting company


What’s wrong?

What is wrong with this process, will you ask?

Well, here are a few questions that recently came to mind brain:

  • Why does the company expose clearly what it is looking for, while the job seeker only list what he is and can offer?
  • Would it be easier for both sides to expose and diffuse clearly what they are looking for?
  • Could we use a similar format for both sides to expose what they are looking for and what they have to offer?
  • Would a common format for both sides help the recruiting companies to clearly detect a match between the companies and the job seeker?

Let’s try it!

My point of view is: The job posting format from companies is better than the job seeker’s resume.
So, could we move from a resume format to a ‘job posting format’ for the job seeker?
What would it look like?
Let’s try it! I will post here my ‘Candidacy posting’, using the format of a common job posting. (Company description, job description, requirements, qualifications, characteristics, etc).


Director of software development / Chief Delivery Officer
Montreal, Canada, July 2013

Mathieu Hétu has helped several companies to deliver complex and high quality software over the last 12 years. He worked in the software industry for different business fields such as Gaming, Finance, Accounting, Mobile, Real Estate, Apparel Trading, Medical and Transportation.
He comes from a technical background as his 10+ years as a programmer, team/tech lead and architecture can prove. However, he lately specialized in the Scrum coaching/training to help companies reach higher and better throughput efficiency to build and deliver adequate software.

He is a big fan of Lean, Agile, Scrum, UXD, Management 3.0 and knowledge management. Also, he is the author of the famous ‘Scrum Comics’ which he weekly publishes on hist blog.

Job description

Mathieu is looking for a environment where he can help a company deliver exceptional softwares to delight the customers.  This job position should be a mix of management, technology, product management and training.
Mathieu is looking for a position where he will lead multiple agile development teams in a challenging, constantly moving environment. Working with passionate Developers, Scrum Masters and Integrators, he will ensure timely and quality delivery of competitive products. Aligned with the company vision, he enjoys collaboration, he innovate daily and he wants to learn something new every day. He will challenge his teams to exceed expectations through the efficient management of agile processes, software methodologies, best practices and software architecture.

This opportunity has to be located in Montreal (Canada) but Mathieu doesn’t bother if the position requires him to travel a bit to achieve his responsibilities. (Actually, he loves to travel).

Basic company requirements

  • You can be either a start-up, a medium or a big company. The size doesn’t matter, but it has to be located in Montreal.
  • You have to build software (either for commercial selling or for internal tooling).
  • You  believe that an Agile approach can deliver better adequate software than the traditional waterfall process (or at least be ready to be convinced!).
  • Your managers do not manage in any way the business by emails. They mostly use face to face communication for discussion, brainstorming or constraints/directives statements. Emails is strictly use for information diffusion.
  • You know that building software is a complex process. We will do our best to simplify it as much as possible, but you know that building software is a complex activity at its root.
  •  You believe that programmers is at the heart of software creation. Management, analysts, product owners, scrum masters, architects and all other roles exist to collaborate and help the developers team to deliver state of the art softwares.
Key company competencies required
  • You have set (or about to set) an adequate physical environment so teams can foster ideas, brainstorm and highly collaborate.
  • You empathize on self-organizing teams (and coaching them to become so) instead of micro-management
  • You stay away from the ‘command and control’ mindset. Motivating and empowering teams to become
  • Continuous improvement is an important value and frequent constructive retrospectives are done at different levels in your employees hierarchy
  • Processes and methodology are important but they are not stiff. They are there to help and guide your most important asset: people.
  • Quality is a core value and you will ensure that it stays an important focus throughout the complete lifecycle of your softwares.
The ideal company will possess the following characteristics (assets):
  • You like the material stated in Management 3.0 and has a plan to adopt some of these principles in the way to manage your employees and your teams.
  • You like metrics and measures but you understand that they are only tools to validate hypothesizes and not the single way to
  • You believe that UXD (User experience design) can help improve delivering adequate and better software to your end-users.
  • You tend to avoid waterfall concepts as Functional design requirements, requirements traceability matrix, big design/architecture up front,

Apply now

Shoulld this job seeker posting interest you, please contact Mathieu by email at kinetix2002 (at) gmail (dot) com.



Is this possible? Can a job seeker use the same format as a job posting for his resume?
Aren’t the job seeker requirements as important as the company’s requirements for a job posting?
You saw my above ‘candidacy posting’. It wasn’t that complicated to create and I think we could easily find some matches with current job posting in Montreal..

Feel free to comment on this posting, I would like to hear your thoughts.