Who the hell is Mathieu Hétu?

Well, I love building software.

I’ve been helping enterprises to improve and ease their software building and delivery lifecycle since more than 13 years now..
Some keypoints of my toolbox:
- Scrum implementation
- Scrum coaching
- Best engineering practices
– Environment setup
– Continuous integration
– Tooling
– Knowledge base and transmission
– UX best practices
– Team collaboration
– Clean code
– Emergent architecture
- Agile values and principles (Also Crafftmanship!)
- Team management (Management 3.0 approach)
- Fun and collective satisfaction

Also I like programming!
- XAML (WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, Windows 8)
- APIs best design practices
- Backend technologies (ORM, Business rules, Extensibility)

I also love coaching and training!
- Scrum trainer
- C# and XAML
- Software architecture

What I am currently no expert in, but reading a lot about:
- Document and NoSql Database
- Big Data and Hadoop
- UX flow integration to a Scrum lifecycle
- Functional programming (F#, Scala)