Scrum comics – Retrospective

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Retrospective is one of the most important event during a Sprint. Scrum opens up a quick feedback with the customer, but also, it opens up quickly a feedback loop within the Scrum team and the way they organize their work and collaboration. Sometimes, weird stuff is proposed out of these retrospective sessions.

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Top Qc Software influencers – Architecture

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A few weeks ago I asked you who are the current Quebec software influencers. Starting today, I’ll post a quick interview of those who were voted among their peers to be known as influencers. Today : Architecture. I asked them a few questions so you can know them better. The answers are in French. I will soon update this blog post with English translations. Do find below a few interesting facts about our top 3 Quebec software Architecture...

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Ant’icipative – An Agile(?) Parable

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I recently met with one of my ant friends, and he gave me good insights about ants’ major events of the few last years. — A few years ago, an event was organized among ants. It was held in the Amazon forest. A few hundreds ants attended this event. The main topic of this meeting was to discuss about the recent rise of the ‘Queeny’ approach recently adopted by a few millions colonies worldwide. This ‘Queeny’ approach and process...

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7 Agile Best Practices that You Don’t Need to Follow? Really?

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I read a lot of articles during a week. Some in the morning, during breakfast or on my way to the office. Some during the lunch time, while having a sandwich or a soup in front of my computer. Some other interesting readings at night, while reviewing my blog roll posts or summarizing some Twitter channels or Twitter past favorited items. I rarely comment or reply to these articles. I can agree, disagree or just be in a neutral state of mind in...

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