Top Quebec Software influencers – Survey

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In every software events or conferences I attend, I am always surprised to meet so many bright, brilliant, innovative and fun people who works in the software industry in Quebec. Every week, I learn about a new person who is either an expert, an influencer or a future star in a specific field. I have to admit I am a big fan of ‘Top X’ charts, like the Top Social Media influencers or the 20 Most Influential People in Agile. This is a great...

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Standards with an attitude

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Two different articles inspired me this blog post. First, I stumbled upon this interesting blog post from Jurgen Appelo about how standards should grow and not be forced to a group/organization/entity. One interesting quote from Jurgen: ” Standardization is usually not something that needs to be enforced. No worldwide government was necessary to make billions of people around the world to standardize on the 24-hour clock, the Gregorian...

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Online collaboration tools – My picks

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On most of the software projects I worked, we needed to share information, comments, feedback from customers.Ideally, the customer should be full-time co-located with the dev team but most of the time, clients are out of site or not always available. So, most of the time, the dev team need to ask either questions or feedback about either some business rules to apply, design to change or to approve, etc. During the last years, I had the chance to...

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DDD – Eric Evans, lessons learned

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Heard about DDD? Domain-Driven Design. You might also have heard the great book written by Eric Evans (often nicknamed ‘Blue bible’). Great concepts. It is a MUST READ by everybody who’s interested in software architecture and design. If you don’t feel for a long reading or can’t afford the purchase, you can get a free summary e-book of this...

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Mockups, essential part of agile modeling

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Mockups usage Scrum enforces a strong collaboration between the developers team and the Product Owner. By working on a single product backlog, where all requirements, bugs and impediments are stored, constantly  updated and visible by all. This works great. However, some observations found during sprint planning sessions: Sometimes stories, requests and intentions are misunderstood by the developers team. Without visual support, the...

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Waterfall planning weaknesses

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I have worked on several software projects where planning is hugely influenced by waterfall concepts. Which consist of: Hire some business/functional analysts to find and write ‘requirements’ and specifications Dividing the software in ‘modules’ Listing all tasks required to do this job ( generally this is done by architects or managers) Rough estimations of all these tasks GANTT charts! (They love them!) Budget...

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Unity and VS.Net Test impact analysis

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Last week, I followed the training ‘Professionnal Scrum Developper’ with Richard Hundhausen. He showed a feature of Visual Studio.Net that I had never use: The test impact analysis tool. In a nutshell, this is a tool that analyses your last code changes, and will detect which unit tests has to be rerun to ensure you did not break anything important. Sounds promising. But wait… how does it work internally? I guess it detects...

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