Ant’icipative – An Agile(?) Parable

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I recently met with one of my ant friends, and he gave me good insights about ants’ major events of the few last years. — A few years ago, an event was organized among ants. It was held in the Amazon forest. A few hundreds ants attended this event. The main topic of this meeting was to discuss about the recent rise of the ‘Queeny’ approach recently adopted by a few millions colonies worldwide. This ‘Queeny’ approach and process...

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Standards with an attitude

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Two different articles inspired me this blog post. First, I stumbled upon this interesting blog post from Jurgen Appelo about how standards should grow and not be forced to a group/organization/entity. One interesting quote from Jurgen: ” Standardization is usually not something that needs to be enforced. No worldwide government was necessary to make billions of people around the world to standardize on the 24-hour clock, the Gregorian...

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